About me

I am an enthusiast researcher in Applied Mathematics and an educator. Also, I have a wide experience in collaborative research projects with the industry (see “portfolio”)

Industrial research

I have completed Ph.D. in Statistical Applied Mathematics in the University of Bath in September 2023. In the Ph.D. project, which originated from the collaboration with the Environmental Agency, I developed a mathematical framework, which allows to understand key differences between flood estimation models and their consequences (see “Flood modelling”).

Before joining the Univerisity of Bath, I was a member of CIAMSE research team in the Polish Academy of Sciences. Our work focused on research projects in the field of industrial mathematics for companies representing various branches of the industry. I continued this work by attending multiple study groups and think tanks over the last few years.

Education and outreach

Currently, I am a Physics teacher in the IB Diploma Programme in 2SLO high school in Warsaw. I actively promote science among youth on various educational programmes and events. These include:

  • running tutorials and lectures for “Matematyka dla Ciekawych Swiata” (in English “Mathematics for those curious about the world”), a semester-long programme for ambitious secondary school students organised by Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling at the University of Warsaw,
  • supervising research projects for school students (e.g. ArctowSky team which won Polish edition of CanSAT competition 2018/19 organised by the European Space Agency),
  • running lectures and demonstrations in many educational events (RI Masterclasses, Warsaw Science Festival, Warsaw Science Picnic etc.)